PLATO e1nsThe Product Innovation Platform as the basis for successful product development.

100% web-based

All data on product development is available for every team member worldwide and irrespective of location.

100% web-based100% web-based
  • Worldwide available
  • No (local) installation needed
  • Ad-hoc usage - low training costs


The system grows based on your technical requirements.

  • Complexity
  • Size and amount of product and process data
  • Number of users

Collaboration – Communication

Model-based work guarantees that all involved have the same understanding of the system and work using the latest information everywhere.

Collaboration – CommunicationCollaboration – Communication
  • Simultaneous work on one system model
  • Collaboration between all members of the value chain
  • Overview of influences on other areas’ decision-making

Lessons Learned

Shared standard templates result in uniform working methods and a considerably reduced workload.

Lessons LearnedLessons Learned
  • Make knowledge available
  • Simplify knowledge management by working with templates
  • Templates are updated based on experiences

Single Point of Information

The central search portal provides an overview of all information in product and process planning. Its contents can be found easily and quickly via the full text search function.

Single Point of InformationSingle Point of Information
  • Easy search and communication
  • Answers to all questions concerning projects, figures, products and risks
  • Central database guarantees consistency

Safety - Security - Compliance

The system can only be accessed if authorised. Any actions requiring a signature can only be carried out if a password is entered.

Safety - Security - ComplianceSafety - Security - Compliance
  • Access rights
  • Safe, secure and reliable data and processes
  • Audit and traceability
  • Compliance

News about FMEA

Product info:

VDA/AIAG FMEA Alignment - Integration has never been more important in the context of FMEA than it is today.

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Product info:

An appeal to the team - Not only the participants of our PLATO training courses benefit from the moderation card, a guide for FMEA team members incl....

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Product info:

New edition of the benchmark - The latest FMEA KONKRET issue published the new edition of the great FMEA software comparison.

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FMEA connected - Integrated in methodsand engineering processes by modern web technology

FMEA connected - Create FMEAs in team work - worldwide and easy.

2:13 min

PLATO e1ns - Beyond FMEA

2:13 min

PLATO e1ns - Engineering is so simple

2:23 min

The development of the FollowMe with PLATO e1ns

3:20 min

Marcus Schorn, CTO of PLATO AG, in the interview at the Control 2017

1:38 min

FMEA Connected.Powered by PLATO e1ns technology

Open and integrated systemsapproach within the product development.

Allows all engineering teams access to all current engineering information. Teams oversee all influences of their own decisions on the engineering and process environment.

Start FMEA via Linkimmediately and without any knowledge of structures.

Our software and its portal offers all employees a simple access to all information - even without any special FMEA knowledge. Links directly to the FMEA input cell are dispatched via email. Thus an introduction to the system structure is not necessary.

Uncomplicated handling via web browser.

All team members work location independent on the FMEA. Each team has an overview at any point in the development process.

PLATO Video-Portal for methods and tools

Gain insights into engineering methods
and the PLATO software.

Maik Teschner, Nexperia Germany GmbH

Maik Teschner about the use of the PLATO Risk Management software SCIO™ at Nexperia Germany GmbH.

Holger Handelmann, Lumileds Germany GmbH

Holger Handelmann about the use of PLATO Risk Management Software SCIO™ at Lumileds Germany GmbH.

Jochen Bauhaus, Johann Borgers GmbH

Jochen Bauhaus about the reasons for using the FMEA software from PLATO at Johann Borgers GmbH.

Gerhard Seifert, Tenneco GmbH

Gerhard Seifert about the reasons for using PLATO FMEA software at Tenneco GmbH.

Jürgen Heinzelmann, Mahle Behr GmbH & Co. KG

Jürgen Heinzelmann about the use and the advantages of the template management system from PLATO.

Gary Baker, PhD, Johnson Matthey

Gary Baker, PhD, about the reasons for using the PLATO software at Johnson Matthey.

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