FMEDA - For quantitative detection

FMEDA stands for

  • Failure
  • Modes
  • Effects and
  • Diagnostic Coverage
  • Analysis.

This refers to a process for the detailed investigation of causes and their effects on the system. It can already be used in the early phases of system development efficiently detect early to vulnerabilities. With the FMEDA the Safe Failure Fraction (SFF = Safe Failure Fraction) and the diagnostic coverage (DC = diagnostic coverage) of a system is determined according to the requirements of the IEC 61508 or ISO 26262.

SCIO FMEDA contains standard forms and calculation methods for risk analysis and FMEDA.
They are the basis for company-specific forms that are developed as part of a Form configuration. Extensions to additional forms or variants of a method of calculation of the process variants are possible.

PLATO delivers with SCIO-methods, a solution that is integrated in the system analysis and makes customizable forms and calculations possible.

SCIO™-Methods :

The method kit for your engineering and quality methods.

We provide you with tools for risk management, document control, audit and management measures that meet the high demands of your industry, the utmost respect.

PLATO SCIO™-Risk Management

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