XERI™ as an efficient solutionfor the document management of your organization.

The documentation of your QM system should be able to perform various tasks. This includes, for example, proving that the QM system has fulfilled contractual requirements. In addition, processes should be presented in a transparent and comprehensible way, and the documentation should make a major contribution to constantly improving processes.

With XERI™ you comply with the internal and external requirements of the new ISO 9001:2015.

  1. Documented information - With XERI™ you can easily and efficiently manage and organize your documents. Information can be reviewed, distributed, found, protected and stored so that the organization's knowledge is centrally available. This is supported by lean workflows for mapping the document lifecycle.
  2. Distribution of Responsibilities - The decentralization and flexibilization of QM-related tasks, such as the creation of documentation, is crucial for anchoring the QM system in the organization and, accordingly, the assumption of responsibility by managers and employees. This is the only way to transfer knowledge and responsibility. XERI™ supports you by building standards and intuitive handling, so that everyone can contribute knowledge and develop it further.
  3. Risk Management - ISO 9001:2015 focuses on the systematic handling of risks. Use established tools for efficient risk management. The PLATO e1ns methodology kit offers all possibilities to systematically identify, analyze and evaluate risks and to initiate countermeasures.
  4. Process Orientation - Developing, documenting and improving processes is a core requirement of ISO 9001:2015. With XERI™ you have the possibility, with the help of the Process Designer, to develop your processes web-based, quickly and easily and to link them with further processes and documents in XERI™. Here, too, XERI™ supports you with various workflows, such as the release procedure with electronic signature.
  5. Information Security - ISO 9001:2015 is already being given the nickname "Digital 9001" because electronic forms of documentation are taking centre stage instead of the paper manual. Organizations must, however, guarantee the standards for electronic information security. By using state-of-the-art security standards, multi-level authorization concepts, electronic signatures and complete traceability, PLATO XERI™ puts you on the safe side.
  6. Knowledge Management - One of the most important tasks of an organization is to preserve, develop, transfer and protect knowledge. This task is also a central component of ISO 9001:2015. XERI™ is an ideal tool for this. All topics of knowledge management of an organization, such as documented information, communication, integration of external partners, standardization of management systems, documentation of processes can be organized easily and web-based via XERI™ and made available to the relevant employees.
Your benefits at a glance
  • Low effort for changes and maintenance of the QM system
  • Improved process-oriented information search
  • Link to other applicable documents (e.g. work instructions, forms)
  • Automated distribution to employees
  • Ensuring that documents are up-to-date and traceable via audit trails
  • 100% web-based
  • Consistent and consistent linking of activities, information and organizational units existing in the process model
  • Electronic signature according to FDA 21 CFR Part 11
  • Interactive process graphics
  • Extensive search options, such as live search, tagging, storable search filters
XERI™ also offers
  • Range of flexible applications
  • Range of extensive functions
  • Interfaces and extensions
  • Active system
  • Quick setup and operation
  • Quick and easy access to documents
  • Standard and legally compliant handling of documents
  • Significant cost reduction through minimization of administrative expenses
  • Simplification, standardization and alignment of document control in an organization
Simple & Intuitive

Creating, releasing, providing and searching all kinds of organisational documents - all this is very easy with XERI™.
Live search, tagging, storable search filters make it simple for your employees to access the right document.
By creating graphical entry pages, companies can customize the document management software XERI™.