FMEA - Early identification and assessment of potential causes

FMEA stands for

  • Failure-
  • Mode- and
  • Influence-
  • Analysis.

This is a method of preventive error prevention. Possible errors in products and processes should be identified and minimized or eliminated by appropriate measures. Complaint and development costs can be reduced and potential harm to the product user averted.

SCIO™-FMEA : Individually, flexible and fast

The efficient tool for databased FMEA with Integration in Processes

We provide you with tools for risk management, document control, audit and management measures that meet the high demands of your industry, the utmost respect.

PLATO SCIO™-Risk Management

Risk and Knowledge Management in the customer-oriented development of products and processes.

PLATO XERI™-Document Control System

Guding documents with system. Your industry-independent software solution for document control.

PLATO AQTIO™-Measures Management System

Initiation, implementation, and for the control of measures in your business.

PLATO AUDIT-Management System

Complete planning, verification and documentation of your audit process.