PLATO e1ns - The Engineering Framework

e1ns.aspects: Model-based System Development

A visual representation to design a system/product.

e1ns.dashboard: Visual performance.

A reliable base to make the right decisions.

e1ns.documents: Engineering assurance.

Control and release of documentation in all phases of the product development.

e1ns.actions: Integrated collaboration.

A solution to manage projects, tasks, and actions in all phases of the product development process.

e1ns.methods: The Methods Tool Box.

Your individual methods Framework. Perfect fit for your development process.

e1ns.flow: Modeling and visualizing processes.

Your central tool in the process planning phase.

e1ns.output: Engineering proof.

Automated detection and output of result documents.

PLATO-SCIO™ Risk Management

SCIO™-Portal :

Your quick access to corporate data over the Internet.

SCIO™-Matrix :

The fast method to perform system analysis.


The efficient tool for database-based FMEA with integration into business processes.


The safe method for product design changes.

SCIO™-Fault-Tree :

The method for effective and creative troubleshooting.

SCIO™-Control-Plan :

Standard conform planning and documentation of processes.

SCIO™-Inspection-Plan :

The module for the efficient test planning.

SCIO™-Process-Flow :

The module for the effective design of processes.

SCIO™-Net-Builder :

Create networks and analyze relationships in networks.

SCIO™-Importer :

FMEA data import safely and quickly from MS Excel.

SCIO™-Template-Manager :

Creation of templates adapted to the needs of the system analysis and risk management.

SCIO™-Methods :

The method kit for your engineering and quality methods.


For visualizing graphic representation of work processes or products

PLATO-XERI™ Document Management

XERI™-Document Control System:

Systematic Control of Documents. Your industry-independent software solution for document control.

PLATO-AQTIO™ Action Management

AQTIO™-Action-Management :

Initiation, implementation, and control of measures in your company. AQTIO™ is a database and web-based action management system. As a stand-alone software tool, AQTIO™ is a method for initiating, implementing, and controlling actions within your company.

PLATO-AUDIT Audit Management

AUDIT-Managementsystem :

More than just managing audits. Complete testing, documentation, evaluation and initiation of measures of your audits.